The Marriage Course

All across Johannesburg.

Fully booked – online registration closed!

God-Given Singleness Equipping Course

Starts 17 May at Bedfordview.

Our space is filled up!


Your Story

Adele Herbert continues the theme of Kaleidoscope 2017 and speaks on "Your Story" | 14 May 2017 at Bedfordview AM

The River: Unity in the Gospel Pt 2 (Rosebank)

Marco Broccardo continues to speak on how the gospel breaks down all barriers: racial, economical, cultural, and so on, in light of our series on Ezekiel 47 ("The River") | 14 May 2017 at Rosebank

Kaleidoscope 2017: Saturday Session 3 (Leigh-Ann Ducroq)

Leigh-Ann Ducroq tells us her story. (This was the final Kaleidoscope 2017 session.)


Connecting Your Work to God's Plan

There are Sundays when you come to Church and you find yourself bursting with God’s love. Then Monday comes… suddenly without releasing it, you turn into a different person (i.e. Mr Hyde). Do we have to step out of the rat race to serve God?

Jesus Washes us Clean

Jesus washes us clean. And we are to serve people as he served us. This is what we learned at Children's Church this last week.

No matter what your story looks like, your story is God's story

Natasha Maine writes about what the Kaleidoscope women's conference was like for her this year.
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