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To Halloween or Not to Halloween?

Written by Ryan Strydom Earlier this week was Halloween – when kids dress up as monsters and come to the door asking for sweeties. But should Christians be engaging in this whole ordeal? Why do we do it anyway? Does it all matter? And how can the event be used for the Gospel, if at […]

Ukwakha Isizwe Barnyard Fundraiser a Lesson in Good Music

written by Michaele Fergusson The Ukwakha Isizwe Barnyard fundraiser took place on the 20th October at the Cresta Barnyard. It was basically a music show and very enjoyable. Although we were unsuccessful in selling all the tickets, we managed, with the help of some very dedicated Cornerstone members, to fill the bottom half of the […]

Africa Planning: A Privilege, an Inspiration, a Challenge

Written by Mark Meeske and Lance de Ruig Recently Central Cornerstone hosted Africa Planning, an event where relating NCMI churches report-back on the work being done into Africa and plans are made for future work. It’s not a closed event and all are welcome to attend. Mark Meeske and Lance de Ruig share their experience […]

Exchange: 7 October – Impacting Those Around Us

Written by Julia Taylor The Exchange, a forum where business people can be encouraged in the Kingdom and learn how to be more effective in taking the Gospel into the marketplace, takes place every month on the first Friday of the month. This month (which took place on 7 October) saw Llouella Humphrey share and […]

EQUIP SA 2011: A Wave is Breaking

Written by Ryan Peter     EQUIP South Africa 2011, which took place last week (28 to 30 Sept) at Central Cornerstone, was simply amazing. For three days we were able to absorb the teaching, heart and envisioning of guys on the NCMI team. As in the words of Mpho Ntuli at Cornerstone, something shifted. […]

Ukwakha Isizwe’s HArt Day Centre on the Radio

Written by Ryan Strydom Ukwakha Isizwe’s HArt Day Centre, a home for street children, was recently featured on Radio Today, which broadcasts on 1485AM and nationally across the SADC sub-region on DStv Audio Channel 169. Zelda Cronje, who helps run the home and is also part of the overseeing team of Ukwakha Isizwe, the umbrella […]

Pebbles Fun Day Sept 2011 Photos

Written by Ryan Strydom      A great time was had by parents and kids alike at the Pebbles Fun Day on Saturday 10 September where there was lots of great food, ice creams, candy floss and cake! Plus a ton of fun sports and activities like a fishing stall, jumping castles, face painting, paintball, […]

Great Time in Tanzania

Written by Ryan Strydom Marcus and Craig recently returned from the Tanzania EQUIP time which was very well attended with over 200 leaders from 75 relating churches, some from as far away as Kigoma (the EQUIP time was in Mikumi which is in Central Tanzania whereas Kigoma is in the far western regions). It was […]

Farming God’s Way Taught in Maputo

Written by Alan Gardner Recently a team of us visited a couple at Ricatla Seminary in Maputo (Lee and Margret) who have committed to teaching Farming God’s Way (FGW) there for the next five years. It’s a very exciting venture because they have a captive audience for three years while the students are there studying. […]

Uptown Karaoke Photos

Written by Ryan Strydom [field name=”clear”] A few weeks ago it was Karaoke time at Uptown on Friday night and it was a ton of fun. The girls were really showing up the guys in the singing department. Some of the songs sound great when you’re singing them on your own but put yourself behind […]