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Open Mic Night Was a Party

by Phil Quinn Last Friday, the Uptownies held an Open Mic Night – an evening where anyone could come and showcase their talents. The idea behind the event was to initiate our new venue as a place in which we can relax and have fun and be a source of life in our community. So we declared […]

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Comes to an End

The Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage course came to its end last night at Bedfordview and we’ve had a fantastic time with the series living up to its name! Last night was about staying married without killing your spouse. Some of the main points revolved around forgiveness (always a difficult one!) and how […]

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, Part 3

by Ryan Strydom The third part of Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage at Bedfordview was that part of the course that dealt with the subject of sex. Mark Gungor, the host of the series, got a bit serious about how the mainstream media, from talk show hosts to Hollywood to the newspapers we read, effectively […]

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, Part 2

by Ryan Strydom The second part of Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage at Bedfordview started off with Mark and Colette Meeske asking select couples a few questions to see how well they know each other. It was great fun as we saw some of the couples answer the questions horribly wrong or brilliantly on target! […]

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage, Part 1

  Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage launched this last Sunday at Bedfordview, a DVD course that will run every Sunday evening until 19 August. The first week was highly enjoyable and it certainly lived up to its name! The food was great and the facilities were kitted out nicely, with each couple given […]

All-Sites Celebration: Uptown Shows Us Up (Again!)

by Ryan Strydom   We were once again all shown-up by Uptown when it comes to busting the moves at last night’s All-Sites Celebration, with the Uptown guys giving us all a good lesson in partying! It was a brilliant time together as we celebrated the amazing things God has been doing in Cornerstone and […]

Mandela Day: Elated to Help the Klopper Guys

by Mpho Ntuli It was a real privilege helping out the guys from the Klopper Friday Club on Mandela Day and giving their venue some much-needed attention! We got there in the morning and noted the big job ahead – there were broken windows, cracking paint, dirty and broken light-fittings, dirty curtains, and much more. […]

Marcus and Glenn in New Zealand: Report-Back

by Glenn van Rooyen     It’s honestly a privilege to be part of the work that Jesus is doing in another nation. We spent time with a number of churches and leaders over the two weeks that Marcus and I were in New Zealand, being part of what they are doing and encouraging them. […]

The Exchange and The Power of Dreams

by Ryan Strydom This last Friday’s Exchange had Bill Taylor share on the “Power of Dreams,” an encouraging morning as Bill enriched the group with his testimony and saw how God had given him dreams that God had brought to reality. Bill is the CEO of a large and award-winning company in the Fast Moving […]