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Fruitful Lesotho GTT Trip

Written by Ryan Strydom This last weekend (12 – 14 August, 2011), Mark Meeske and a team headed towards the area of Mokhotlong in Lesotho to facilitate and lead the Geographical Training Time (GTT) that took place there. (For those that don’t know, a GTT is very much like an EQUIP time in Johannesburg except […]

Hennie’s Trip to Cairo

Written by Ryan Strydom Hennie Keyter recently returned from a trip to Cairo and on Sunday gave a small report-back of how things are in that side of the world. It was quite encouraging but at the same time the people there need a lot of prayer as the country is going through a tumultuous […]

Become a Lurve Magnet, Baby

Written by Ryan and Shannon Strydom This last Thursday for EQUIP, Michael and Amy Smalley from the U.S. came to give us a little talk on marriage. Their talks took place throughout the whole day, starting with sessions at Newday Edenvale and then culminating in an EQUIP evening session at Central Cornerstone. The Smalleys were […]

Salvation at a Parkade

Written by Barry Celliers This morning when I finished parking my car at a parkade, one of the car wash attendants approached me about a car wash. I noticed that he had some cotton wool shoved into his ear. Before he could say anything I asked him what his name was and what was wrong […]