NCMI Gauteng Celebration: Creating a Church Planting Culture

Steve Sudworth (from Anthem Church in Chicago, U.S.A. – and also serving on the NCMI team) shares with us at the NCMI Gauteng Celebration on creating, and sustaining, a church planting culture.


A Call to Action: Priesthood of All Believers

Greg Mattarelli speaks about being the “priesthood of all believers” and how that inspires us to action.


Key Women: Sam Quinn

We were delighted to hear from Sam Quinn, who is planting Christ Light Church in London with her husband Phil. Sam and Phil also used to be on our eldership team at Cornerstone. It was great hearing from Sam on lessons learned in their journey!


A Call to Action: Taking the Inheritance

Craig Herbert ends off our journey with Israel as they take the Promised Land. This speaks to the inheritance God has for each one of us.


Know that I am God

God Has a Plan

A Call to Action: Crossing the Jordan

Craig Herbert continues our “Call to Action” series, looking at how the crossing of the Jordan in the book of Joshua (chapters 3 – 5) relates to the Christian life and our inheritance.


God Keeps his Promises