Children’s Church Reflection for 24 April

One of the biggest struggles today for our children is their exposure to media and the voice of the world. In watching cartoons and most television shows, it’s sad to hear how often our Lord’s name is used in vain. With that in mind, and as Jesus taught in the Lord’s Prayer, we focused this last Sunday on understanding the brilliance of God and how His name is to be praised.

Our Part

We focused this week on how there is incredible power and life in God’s name, and so instead of using it in vain we should use His name to speak life into all areas of life. We taught the children that praying in Jesus’ name carries power and the miraculous can happen in His name. The encouragement is that in our words and actions, God’s name should be honoured.

Your Part

Please spend time this week reminding your children about how awesome God is and how His name should be honoured and praised. Please be cautious about what children are watching on television, as using God’s name in vain is becoming more and more prevalent. Explain to your children how and why using God’s name incorrectly is harmful and dishonouring to God. Jesus taught us to praise God because of who He is and what He has done – let us use His name in respect and awe.

Some classes made musical instruments to praise God with. Please see past the noise and enjoy their efforts to worship!

We are loving this term with your children. Please contact us if you would like further conversation.

– The Cornerstone Kids team

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