Europe Report Back

Written by Marcus Herbert

Adele and I recently returned from our trip to Europe. Four countries in three weeks meant lots of travelling but the Gospel energises us to push on. We started in Portugal, moved on to Italy, attended to the Europe team time in Germany and ended off spending some time with our friends, Alexis and Dalene Wadman in Amstelvijn in the Netherlands.

At the Portugal Equip we had over 160 people (twenty-five of whom were from South Africa). Nine countries were represented including ten Italian leaders. The theme was “Go – Discipling the Nations”. We were encouraged by the number of young people that attended – the future looks very good indeed. It was a time of solid teaching, ministry and building of relationships. These things are so crucial in the early stages of developing an apostolic culture. Later this year a team from Portugal will join with a team from Cornerstone to go on an exploratory trip to the Cape Verde islands. Contact Shaq at the church if you are interested.

We then took seven of the Portuguese leaders with us to the Italy Equip. It is so good to be a part of the growing interest in other countries amongst the Europeans. The theme of the Italy LTT was “Digging Wells” drawing on Genesis 26. It was a great time of impartation and teaching. There are now a few more churches linking in relationally. What a great privilege partnering with the Italians. The churches come from Tuscany (three of them), Milan and Orvieto. Again we see a growing number of young leaders coming through.

We thank God for these two doors of opportunity and fruitful fields to work into. Pray for leaders to be raised up, relationships to be strengthened and more doors of opportunity to open for the Gospel.

From Italy we went to Dresden, Germany, to join Tyrone for a European team meeting. It was good to connect with some of the translocal people we relate to in Europe. Among them were Wayne and Rene Neuper (Germany) and Gert and Debbie Dolk (Holland). Both couples have been on eldership at Cornerstone in the past. It was incredible to hear the many testimonies of salvations, church growth and open doors into other regions.

Finally, we spent the weekend with Alexis and Delene Wadman. The church in Amstelvijn is going strong and there was a beautiful presence of God in the Sunday meeting. Once again, it was encouraging to see young couples coming through as well as a good multi-racial mix. God is assembling a diverse leadership team with a passion for outreach. We were also able to spend some time catching up with John and Andrea Stone.

To who know those who were sent out from Cornerstone, they send their love.

Please pray into the strengthening of the churches, more leaders to come through, doors of opportunity beyond those local churches and then, our partnership with them and involvement in Europe as a church.

With our love,

Marcus and Adele

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