Women’s Conference 2018
24 – 26 May 2017

Behold, I am making all things new.

– Revelation 21:5

It’s time for our annual Kaleidoscope Women’s Conference! Every year we have a fantastic time, and this year promises to be the same. We’re looking forward to four sessions worshipping our Lord, hearing from Him, and hearing powerful stories from ladies from all walks of life.

Session times

Thursday, 7pm

Friday, 9am-12:30pm | 7pm

Saturday, 9am-12:30pm

Thursday evening

Cindy Booth

All the way from Turning Point Church in Norco, California, U.S.A., Cindy is married to Kevin and together they lead Turning Point Church. After 35 years of marriage & ministry, Kevin and Cindy are passionately committed to reaching those far from God.

Cindy can best be described as incredibly energetic and passionate. She moves strongly in the prophetic and loves Jesus tremendously. Read her blog to get to know her more!

Friday morning

Dalene Reyburn

“I write to remember what’s true. I write to feel brave. And I write because there’s always hope. I really believe that as Jesus changes our hearts, we can change the world, for His glory and the fame of His name in this generation and the next.”

Dalene is a blogger and author of two books whose eldest son was born blind – dense bilateral congenital cataracts and microphthalmia. Meanwhile, her husband is an optometrist. This challenged her worldview – and in a good way.

She is wife to Murray. Mom to Cameron and Scott.

Read Dalene’s blog at dalenereyburn.com

Friday evening

Talia Sanhewe

Talia has been running her own successful production company for six years. Prior to starting her production company, Talia was a reporter and producer for CNBC Africa. She has also worked for the BBC World Service, CNN International and Forbes Africa Magazine. Since 2010, Talia has been invited by the International Academy of Television and Art Sciences to act as jury judge for the Current Affairs category of the International Emmy Awards in New York.

Saturday morning

Dr Elna Rudolph

Elna is a medical doctor and sexologist who works exclusively in the field of sexual medicine. She has been invited as plenary speaker at world conferences in Brasil, India and Prague, and her research has also been presented in the USA, Portugal and various conferences in South Africa.

In her free time, she tries to be everything a good mom and wife is expected to be to her miracle daughter, Nina and her super-supportive husband and favourite travel-buddy, Johann.

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