No matter what your story looks like, your story is God’s story

by Natasha Maine

This was my sixth Kaleidoscope. Like every Kaleidoscope, it was truly amazing. It gave me that much-needed fill and brought me closer to God and what He wants for my life. This year’s theme was “Every face tells a story”. It’s amazing to see how God is in the details because that theme was definitely a common thread in every speaker’s message from God.

I can go on and on about all the wonderful things I have taken away from this conference. But what I really want to share is: Your story may be one where you think it’s not that exciting. You grew up knowing God and growing in your relationship with Him from a very early age. Or it may be like the one we heard from Vanessa Goosen – 16 years in jail with lots of hardships and struggles.

But no matter what your story looks like, your story is God story.

He has given you your story to glorify His name in one way or another. Not all of us were given a story as radical as some but your story is unique and exactly what God wants for you. He has a plan and a purpose for your story. Your hardships and triumphs were given to you to shape you, to set your roots deeper in Him. Don’t be so set and focused on the circumstances and problems – but look to His amazing love and grace within those circumstances. He wants to use your story for His good. To help someone; maybe even just one person. Or it may be that you will help many people. Most importantly, God wants to see your face and He wants you to choose Him every single day – He wants you to say YES to Him every single day.

Use me God for you in any way you want to!


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