Fight Club Saturday

The Gospel of the Kingdom: Chosen Unto a Purpose

Marcus looks at the like of Paul as a springboard to show us how we are all called to a purpose in God.


Wednesday Night Prayer – 26 August 2020

Join us in prayer as we lift up our friends in France, and other matters.

Elders Update – Life Groups beginning again

Marcus tells us about how Life Groups are beginning again in our 150th day of lockdown and how some of our live meetings are working. He also encourages us in our finances. Plus he announces a leaders meeting next Wednesday, 2 September online at 7:30pm.


The Gospel of the Kingdom: The Power of Conversion

Marcus continues to look at the power of conversion and encourages us to see the miracle of our own.


Elders Update – What a Weekend! It’s Time to Dream.

Marcus gives us feedback on our prayer and fasting weekend and how doing exploits for God starts with being at the feet of Jesus. He also speaks about Grant Crawford’s preach this weekend on how we dream about the gospel and the Kingdom. God doesn’t distinguish fire, He directs it!

Marcus also updates us on how we are using our venues in light of level 2 lockdown.


Prayer and Fasting, August 2020

We had a great time hearing from the Lord during our prayer and fasting weekend during August, 2020. This document is meant to, as best as possible, summarise what we believe the Lord was saying to us as Cornerstone Church during this time. We’ve tried to incorporate as much feedback as possible and assess what appear to be the main themes the Spirit is leading us in.

Imagination (Grant Crawford)

Grant Crawford (One Life Church PMB; NCMI team) encourages us around our imagination and how we think and dream about Christ’s Kingdom and our call.


Wednesday Prayer, 12 August 2020

Join us for prayer tonight across Joburg at 6:30pm as we pray for friends in Australia, God’s grace as we proclaim His Word, and into our prayer and fasting time coming up this weekend.


Elders Update – How We’re Reaching Our Community Needs

Marcus updates us on all that happened this weekend and gives us more details on our prayer and fasting weekend this weekend. Adele and Lynor talk in detail about our community needs in the light of Covid-19 and how we’re reaching out and helping as a church. We also hear from Grant Crawford, from One Life Church in Pietermaritzburg.