A Remarkable Story of Healing

This testimony of healing – a letter the elders received – was shared at prayer meeting last week. It’s a remarkable story of God’s incredible healing of Hannelie, who was diagnosed with cancer. Her and her family are friends with Marcus and Adele and others in Cornerstone. Let it be an encouragement that Jesus still heals today as he healed in the Scriptures.

Now that Han is at home I thought it helpful to summarise what happened over the last three weeks.

“At the beginning of this month Hannelie was hospitalised with a urinary tract infection. The oncologist saw that her haemoglobin levels were about half the minimum level, and based on his experience he gave her two weeks to a month to live.

We were shattered by this news and I took a month off to be with her all the time. Over the next two weeks her condition gradually worsened. She became so weak that she could no longer walk and was delirious 90% of the time.

It was apparent that the phases of death were running their course. Her one kidney started to fail as her urine had a very dark colour. The doctor explained that the brain was not getting sufficient oxygen, hence the delirium, and that this was common in dying.

Friday before last I rushed her to the hospital with another blockage of the intestine. When this happens the body ejects its waste via the only opening possible – upwards – if the normal downwards route is blocked. The same thing happened last year when the tumour grew so large that it obstructed the intestine.

Her oncologist examined her and said that the end was imminent. His assistant confirmed that she would go the same or the following day. He also indicated that Hannelie’s very strong muscle twitches pointed towards her brain busy dying.

That evening she reached a state where she was white as a sheet, ice cold and hardly breathing. I rushed the children to her bedside to see their mother maybe for the last time. Afterwards myself, Nito and Lili prayed earnestly for and over her and we trusted God to save her.

More than two years ago when Hannelie first became diagnosed with cancer God said that he would do a miracle before the nations that would be for His glory. We pleaded with Him to uphold his word. The next morning Hannelie was awake and amazingly she had a clear mind, for the first time in two weeks. She could not stop smiling and told us of the experiences she had with God. She also did not have any more muscle twitches.

The doctor on duty was astonished and at least recognised that they could not explain what happened. Since then Hannelie’s morphine dosage has dropped from 1260mg per day to 480mg with no recurrence of the constant hip pain that she lived with for one year. She also used to take up to six fast acting morphine rescues per day, which she does not even need anymore.

We are continuing to reduce her morphine intake daily to avoid strong withdrawal symptoms. She is still very thin with weak muscles, so still a long road to full recovery.

Oh, I almost forgot, the blocked intestine got sorted out by itself, without any surgery or any other treatment. She is also free from the chronic diarrhea that made her life a living hell for one year (this is due to the radiation therapy).

We are very happy to testify to this miracle which shows that God still heals today, and that even cancer, the dreaded disease of our time, is under His authority. May his name be glorified in the nations because of this. Thank you Lord that you uphold your word.

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