All-Sites Celebration: Uptown Shows Us Up (Again!)

by Ryan Strydom


We were once again all shown-up by Uptown when it comes to busting the moves at last night’s All-Sites Celebration, with the Uptown guys giving us all a good lesson in partying!

It was a brilliant time together as we celebrated the amazing things God has been doing in Cornerstone and the fantastic promises He has for us as we look forward. After a wonderful time of singing and dancing, we prayed into the new areas we believe God is opening up for us – Yeoville and Rosebank. For both of these areas we’re trusting to see venues open up and sites firmly established.

Prayers also went towards seeing all the sites – not just Bedfordview – develop into resource centres as leaders are raised up and sent to plant churches and pioneer for God. We’re a church in the city and that is becoming a greater reality. All-Sites Celebration is a time when we really begin to feel that reality coming through and I was grateful for an evening of connecting with Cornerstone guys from all over Jozi.

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