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A Trip to Upington

Written by Justine Engelbrecht Marcus, Adele, Shane, Casper and the Life Team left for Upington on Wednesday the 16th to encourage Terry and Wendy Archibald’s church plant there. They arrived in time to join Terry and Wendy’s worship and bible study. The team was incredibly encouraged by how intense and earnest the group was, albeit […]

Lesotho: More Leaders Needed

Written by Ryan Strydom On the weekend of the 11th to the 13th of November, Mark Meeske and a team of seven travelled to Lesotho for ministry – the last trip to Lesotho of the year (several happen in the year). It was fruitful and saw the team meet up with Motheo Makagnia, a man […]

The Church in Ethiopia: Advancing the Kingdom

Written by Waldo Kruger On Wednesday the 2nd of November, Oom Hennie and I flew out to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to spend some time with two churches. Our first stop, however, was a town called Debre Zeit. Here we spent two solid days teaching leaders from the area. We then went back to Addis […]

The Life Team Travel to Viljoenskroon

Written by Waldo Kruger Early on 27 October, the Life Team and I left Johannesburg to make our way to Viljoenskroon in the Free State. Roy and Lanny Culverwell lead a church there. They started their own life team at the beginning of this year, so we went to spend some time with them and […]

Key Women This Year

Written by Bernie Weeden Studying the book of Ruth this year in Key Women has reminded us again of the relevance of God’s Word. Women faced hardships then as do many women today. Ruth and Naomi’s situation was changed by their Kinsman-Redeemer, Boaz, and so we too can find our answers by looking to Jesus, […]

A Prophecy for Women

Written by Kathy van Laren Recently I was reminded of a dream I had about four years ago. I have always seen it as a prophetic word for the women in the Middle East, but I really felt that it is also applicable to some women who were at the Kaleidoscope conference. In the Middle […]

Great Time at KFC Camp

Written by Lynor van Rooyen     KFC, the Klopperpark group, had a wonderful camp this last weekend. Many would have heard the exciting report-back yesterday morning in our meeting time. At the KFC camp we had 19 salvations and nine water baptisms. Kabelo, a Kwaito singer, came and gave his testimony. We had a […]

Wonderful Evening at Pebbles Celebration

Written by Daphne van Aardt     Pebbles had their annual concert on Friday 21 October. It was a wonderful night of celebration. The theme was “Children of Destiny” and the focus was on creation, how God made everything with a plan and a purpose. The key scripture behind the play was Jeremiah 29:11-12. God […]

To Halloween or Not to Halloween?

Written by Ryan Strydom Earlier this week was Halloween – when kids dress up as monsters and come to the door asking for sweeties. But should Christians be engaging in this whole ordeal? Why do we do it anyway? Does it all matter? And how can the event be used for the Gospel, if at […]

Ukwakha Isizwe Barnyard Fundraiser a Lesson in Good Music

written by Michaele Fergusson The Ukwakha Isizwe Barnyard fundraiser took place on the 20th October at the Cresta Barnyard. It was basically a music show and very enjoyable. Although we were unsuccessful in selling all the tickets, we managed, with the help of some very dedicated Cornerstone members, to fill the bottom half of the […]