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The book of Judges

No one can read through Judges and think it irrelevant for us today. We will see aspects of ourselves reflected in the narrative and the characters.

The book of Joshua

After the unnecessarily long wandering in the desert, the book of Joshua records how the Israelites come into the Promised Land. How is this relevant for us, today?

The book of Numbers

We’re now on the book of Numbers in our Bible reading plan. If you haven’t started the Bible reading plan, it’s not too late to start! Pick it up here. If you’re lagging behind, don’t worry – getting through is what’s important, even if it takes you more than just this year! Numbers is really […]

The book of Job

As we’re going through the book of Job as part of our Bible reading plan – a very difficult, and interesting, book – we thought it would be good to provide some info on what to look for in the book. One of the biggest questions of life is attended to in the book of […]