Become a Lurve Magnet, Baby

Written by Ryan and Shannon Strydom

This last Thursday for EQUIP, Michael and Amy Smalley from the U.S. came to give us a little talk on marriage. Their talks took place throughout the whole day, starting with sessions at Newday Edenvale and then culminating in an EQUIP evening session at Central Cornerstone.

The Smalleys were witty in imparting some key principles on cultivating an environment of love – “allowing love to grow in the home,” as they put it. Or in other words, becoming a “lurve magnet”.

Their evening talk boiled down to four points, which were:

1) Respect your spouse’s boundaries
2) Don’t be judgemental of each other
3) Value each others’ differences
4) Be Christlike towards your spouse (love and serve them unconditionally)

These were driven home by some hilarious stories and clear illustrations from their own marriage. One of the encouraging points of the evening was that there is hope for every marriage situation – no marriage is beyond restoration.

Audio recordings for the morning sessions will be made available on Newday’s website here and the evening session here.

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