Bible School – Term 2

Bible School is kicking off again at Wednesday Night Life at Bedfordview for the second term of 2013. Join us as we give our our best effort to equip, prepare, resource and mature all of our family in knowing the Word, and then knowing how to make it effective in our lives. These times can be more interactive than Sunday meetings, giving opportunity to ask questions.

Bible School
Wednesday Evenings
Term 2 Orientation: 10 April
10 April – 19 June

Term 2 Subjects

DNA: Get to know Cornerstone Church
Get to know Cornerstone Church, learn about our vision, our values, ask questions and find out if we are the church that you want to join up with.

Love Joburg : Follow up
Meet new friends, pray for the sick, see the lost saved, be available to teach, and be Christ’s disciple, meeting needs in Jesus’ name.

The Worship Central Course

This is a course for worship leaders and those involved in worship. For more details, click here.

Interpreting for the Deaf

This is our regular course that teaches South African sign language.

Books of the Bible: The Pentateuch

The Pentateuch are the first five books of the Bible (Genesis to Deuteronomy) that are generally accepted to have been written by Moses. We’ll be looking at these five books and examining their relevance to our walk with Jesus.

David: A Man After God’s Own Heart

1 Samuel 13:14 has God calling David a man after his own heart. Why did God say this? How did David live his life? We’ll be examining this key character of the Scriptures this term.

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