Elders Update – 100 Days in Lockdown

Over 100 days in lockdown! Marcus encourages us on the extremes of our response to the pandemic and continues to talk about discipleship in the books of Timothy.


Live in the Spirit the Way God Does

Marcus speaks about living in the Holy Spirit from 1 Peter 4:1-6.

How do we live in the Spirit the way God does?

  • We need to be born again
  • Put on Christ
  • Live for the will of God
  • Be prepared to suffer in the flesh

How do we practically live in the Spirit?

  • Cultivate the fruit of the Spirit
  • Operate in the gifts of the Spirit
  • Be the power witness God commands
  • Keep in step with the Spirit
  • Stay filled with the Spirit



Wednesday Prayer – 1 July 2020

Join us in prayer right across the city of Johannesburg as we broadcast from our Cornerstone Church Bedfordview venue. Pray along on our Church Online Platform at http://online.cornerstonechurch.co.za live.


Elders Update – Faithfulness

Marcus gives us a report-back after a great weekend of ministry and also talks about prayer for COVID-19 and those who are ill. Plus, he gives us more details are on our “tech offering” and the need for equipment, concluding with the topic of faithfulness from 2 Timothy.


Drive-Thru: Help the Kids in Our City

Join us as we help the kids in our city!

Elders Update – Our Shield of Faith, plus Testimonies from Yeoville and Rev

Marcus encourages us to put up our shield of faith and not to be pushed back, and continues to encourage us from 2 Timothy and discipleship. We also get to hear a testimony from Rev and testimonies from Yeoville.


Elders Update – The Need for Christ in our Nation

Marcus speaks about the state of our nation, our social issues such as gender-based violence (GBV) and racism, and the Kingdom of God’s justice and unity. Nick also updates us on children’s ministry in this time, and Marcus closes with his exegesis on 2 Timothy and discipleship.