Botswana Report-Back

Written by Jaryd Nesbitt

The time in Botswana showed us all in many ways how God can work through a youth who is on fire to change a city and even a nation. Throughout the time spent there we saw healing after healing. Many had words of knowledge which proved to be accurate. yet we were still all impacted by God’s voice that is just as vital to the miracles we encountered. During the outreaches we were the ones ministering to the lost, but over the 3 days of the Equip each of us were touched by God in a unique way. The friendships we built and the lives we saw impacted by God’s awesome power will never be forgotten.

After a long drive we eventually arrived in Gabarone in the early evening. We were supposed to lead worship and act out our skit but unfortunately arrived late.. It was such an encouragement to see how on fire the youth of Gabarone is for God. After spending the evening with them we were shown the place where we were staying. The guys stayed at the church offices in a flat where we felt as though we were clubbing until the early hours of the morning, while the girls stayed with one of the families from the church. Saturday was spent working alongside another church going through the streets handing out pamphlets with the goal of evangelising. It was quite an eye opener, especially for those of us who were allocated to the township areas.

On Sunday we arrived at Church For All Nations (CFAN) bright and early, ready to set up. Once everything was ready a few of us were asked to accompany one of the elders to the Working Faith Ministry Church, the church which we worked with the day before. It was quite an experience as their service was not what we were used. We were encouraged because we saw fruits of our efforts, as there were people that were there as a result of us handing out pamphlets. During the service we had the opportunity to minister to those who needed prayer. We heard of people leaving the church without the crutches with which they came. That afternoon we had a relaxing braai at Peter Bell’s house, the lead elder of CFAN.

On Monday we went out again, this time with much more purpose and confidence. We ministered to the people on the street using pamphlets to open up opportunities. On Tuesday, we went to the main mall in Gabs where the youth of CFAN performed the Lifehouse play. It was very well received. Even before the play was performed we saw people lining up to be prayed for and healed. God spoke to many of us about who we needed to minister to. The play gave us a great opportunity to explain the gospel to those who gathered around to watch. It opened many doors as they were very curious about what everything was all about. The following day we went to the bus station/taxi rank, where we performed our skit. Again it was well received. Again we were able to explain the gospel to those who came to watch.

The Equip was due to kick off on the Thursday, we were there to help so we began setting up by putting up a large tent. After the third try we got it right. Registration opened at 6PM with the meeting starting at 7PM. We were impacted by every message that was spoken during the 3 days. We could all relate to what was said. After packing up on the Saturday afternoon it was time for us to head home but not before saying our goodbyes to the friends we had made. We look forward to seeing them again soon.



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