Children’s Church: The Good Shepherd

If your child is not sure of a future career path, we may have swayed them to consider being a shepherd. We apologise if that worries you. This past Sunday we looked at what Jesus meant when he said that He is the Good Shepherd. Once again, Jesus caused some dispute with those listening to Him. How can a carpenter claim to be a shepherd, one who will lay down his life for his sheep? We had a wonderful time exploring what Jesus meant when He said that He is the shepherd and we are His sheep.

Our Part

Our memory verse this week was, “I am the good shepherd. I know my own sheep and they know me” (John 10:14). Across the sites some teachers tried to dress like fake shepherds. There were even some wolves trying to act like sheep. The children had to identify that only Jesus is the good shepherd.

We then looked at characteristics of sheep and of shepherds leading us to discuss why Jesus would compare himself to a shepherd. We learnt that Jesus desires to lead us, to protect us, to search for us when we are lost and even lay down His life to save ours. The incredible truth is that this is exactly what he did: Jesus died for us so that we can live. He truly is the only good shepherd.

Your Part

The challenge to the children is that we need to want to be Jesus’ sheep. We need to want to follow Him and not wander our own way. We need to learn to identify His voice, discerning His voice in the midst of many voices. You can help your children in learning to trust Jesus, to choosing to follow Him and in learning to hear His voice. Reading the Bible is so vital for this. Spend some time reading with your children and learn to hear the voice of the Good Shepherd.

If your children are put off lamb for a while, we apologise for this too. 🙂

– The Children’s Church team

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