Children’s Church: Gratitude

Too often in life today we can easily take things for granted. We receive so much and sadly that can lead us to lack gratitude. When we think of what God has done for us, what He still is doing for us, and who we are now because of Him, we should respond with great gratitude. This Sunday with our children we spoke about how we need to show gratitude to God and boast about who He is and what He does.

Our Part

We looked at the story of Jesus with the ten lepers. We explained to the children the severity of leprosy and how society shunned those with leprosy. But Jesus didn’t. Jesus showed love and he healed them – all of them. Sadly, only one of the healed lepers returned to say thank you. We might not need healing from leprosy, but Jesus performs such amazing miracles in our lives addressing our needs. Our response cannot be like the nine lepers. We need to show gratitude to Jesus.

We also discussed the need to boast about Jesus. We cannot keep the wonderful things he has done in our lives for ourselves. We need to tell others, encourage others with what Jesus can do, and let the world know that all glory belongs to God alone. Some of our children were given the opportunity to boast on Sunday about what God has done for them.

Your Part

Tell your children what you are grateful to God for. Let them hear your stories, your testimonies, God’s victories in your life. Ask your children to share their stories. They may surprise you. Give thanks to God together, and then boast about him together.

– Children’s Church team

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