Children’s Church: Who we are to Jesus

It’s hard to imagine that the term is already over and how much we managed to learn. We had an incredible nine weeks exploring who Jesus is, working through Jesus’ “I Am” statements. We thought it worth ending the term by looking at who we are to Jesus – and wow, it is encouraging.

Our Part
The Bible is our source of truth and in it we find so much life and evidence that reveals to us how God sees us. We played some games with our children, separating truth from lies, and in these games hearing the truth of who we are to God. He knows us by name, and He loves us as His children.

We then showed our children a picture of someone who is beautiful, unique, smart, special, and loved. We showed them a reflection of themselves. That is who they are to God.

Your Part
Our curriculum is still available for downloading and we would encourage you to do so, so that you can keep reflecting on the lessons we covered this term. Keep speaking about Jesus and make him known to your children. And keep reminding your children who they are to Jesus – loved, wanted, fought for.

We cannot wait for the new term to begin and to introduce the new theme.

Children’s Church team

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