Chippy Brand at Exchange

written by Anton Tjarbring

Chippy Brand spoke at the Exchange on friday 5 August, and was throughly enjoyed by all. Just a real testimony of how there are tough times and good times in life and yet through it all God is faithful in building our characters so that we can be used more by Him. Chippy used the analogy of road construction, where the different layers need to be prepared and compacted (through trying times) before the top layer can be placed, which is where the road is used, and is what is visible.

I really enjoyed the humourous stories associated with his upbringing, different projects and even testimony of how God looked after them during his farming experiences. Chippy’s testimonies of the business decisions he made based on his faith are great. The practical aspects of setting up a business, choosing staff, making business choices and much more – just could see how those grey hairs were earned.

Get the audio here.

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