Cornerstone Kids: Highlights of 2012

by Lance de Ruig


It’s been a very fruitful, fun and fantastic year with Cornerstone Kids! If you were at the Bedfordview meeting on Sunday morning, you would have enjoyed a snippet of all the fun things the kids got to do. Here are some highlights of the year that show how this part of Cornerstone’s ministry has really grown and borne great fruit for the Kingdom in 2012:

  • This year’s camp had the theme Mission Himpossible and it was a brilliant time. It was the biggest camp we’ve ever had as a church (153 people came to the camp) and we were thrilled to see 17 kids make a commitment to Jesus. The kids were divided into teams that represented nations that need prayer and they were given six missions to complete. Read more about the camp here.
  • A lot of work went into Fun Fridays and by the end of this last term we’ve seen 60 kids here on a Friday night from the age of 3 through to Grade 7. We’re looking forward to using Fun Fridays as an outreach opportunity next year as kids invite their friends and as a result we’ll start being able to build good relationships with the kids’ parents.
  • Our volunteer team has grown to over 40 workers and as a result we’re able to minister to up to 200 kids on Sunday mornings at Bedfordview. Next year we’ll need more so if the Lord speaks to you about helping out, contact info.
  • Our facilities are in the process of being upgraded and we’re looking forward to having more space for the kids next year.
Next year’s camp will be on 22 – 24 February and we’re looking very much forward to it! Look out for details in the new year!
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