Exchange: 7 October – Impacting Those Around Us

Written by Julia Taylor

The Exchange, a forum where business people can be encouraged in the Kingdom and learn how to be more effective in taking the Gospel into the marketplace, takes place every month on the first Friday of the month. This month (which took place on 7 October) saw Llouella Humphrey share and encourage us.

I always look forward to the monthly Exchange meetings, whether there are speakers from within or outside of Cornerstone Church. I always expect to encourage others, to be encouraged and challenged in my way of thinking. The October Exchange did not disappoint.

Llouella said that in order to BE a person of influence you need intimacy with Jesus and allow Him to influence us, as David in the Old Testament did. We are to influence and impact those around us, especially in the marketplace. She quoted Kenneth Meshoe (president of the ACDP): “Always persevere. There are people whose lives are waiting to be effected by what God has placed within you.”

Definitely a word in season, and it was good to be reminded of this again as I write this. It was also a very valuable and meaningful time of fellowship. Thank you to all the organisers!

The next Exchange meets on 4 October at Central Cornerstone. It starts at 6 for 6:30 and ends at 7:30. We usually advertise the event in the notices during our times together or keep your eye / ear on our relevant communication channels.

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