Farming God’s Way Taught in Maputo

Written by Alan Gardner

A wheat field

Recently a team of us visited a couple at Ricatla Seminary in Maputo (Lee and Margret) who have committed to teaching Farming God’s Way (FGW) there for the next five years. It’s a very exciting venture because they have a captive audience for three years while the students are there studying.

One of the subjects the students are learning is FGW borrowed from the South African Theological Seminary (SATS) and they are rolling it out over a number of years. Of course this year’s third year students won’t have the full teaching but they would have at least planted their own Well Watered Garden before they go back to their respective congregations.

Lee and Margret have also committed to visiting the various students in their home locations once they have graduated to encourage them with their extension into their respective communities. Plus, they are busy planting the first comparative garden which consists of nine Well Watered Gardens each with different inputs and ranging from the African Way through to God’s Way.

They were very encouraged by our visit and our interest and we got to help with the Monday and the Tuesday teaching. Looks like a good platform from which to leapfrog into the various communities, we will be watching them closely.

I’m hoping to visit them again before the end of the year.

Click here to download a free study guide from SATS for Farming God’s Way.

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