Feedback on Lance and Tanya’s Trip to Portugal

by Lance de Ruig

Tanya and I went to Portugal from 24 July to 4 August to visit Mark and Nattie Bouffe in Porto. Mark and Nattie were elders at Cornerstone Church for many years and took over the church in Porto seven years ago.

The church has grown by 60 people in the last six years and is currently at 90 people. Portugal is battling incredibly financially; the church is full of educated, unemployed people. There are qualified architects, graphic designers, teachers, people involved in commerce, psychologists and many others who simply cannot find work. But through this difficult situation the Gospel is being preached and people’s lives are being changed.

The week before we arrived they had a baptism meeting and baptised a number of people, including a 12 year old and a 92 year old. The church is seeing regular salvations, baptisms, and the growth of leaders. Tanya and I had the privilege of ministry in the church on two Sundays as well as running a youth camp for them for a week.

It was a wonderful time of the continued building of our relationships and encouraging the church!

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