Hennie’s Trip to Cairo

Written by Ryan Strydom

Hennie Keyter recently returned from a trip to Cairo and on Sunday gave a small report-back of how things are in that side of the world. It was quite encouraging but at the same time the people there need a lot of prayer as the country is going through a tumultuous time.

What was encouraging is that for the first time in history the various Christian groups have agreed that the time has come for them to lay their differences aside and work together. Along with this group, a Muslim group, who would like to continue what they are doing peacefully, look like they may form the official opposition.

However, there is another Muslim group which appear to want to go a more aggressive route, and in this the people of that country need prayer as there is a lot of uneasiness. There is a parliamentary election in November and people are aware that this must happen for things to go forward, but there is obviously a lot of uncertainty on how everything will transpire.

“The leaders God has raised that we are connected with are people of integrity and we trust, and pray, that they will be able to make a huge difference in the country,” Hennie says. Let’s join in prayer for that.

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