While we meet in larger gatherings at our various sites across Johannesburg we also meet in smaller gatherings in homes during the week. These two ways of meeting are integral to a healthy church life and we value both formats of meeting.

Life Groups are usually led by a deacon in Cornerstone and can take several different formats. Sometimes groups may have a specific age focus or interest focus, but most of our groups are fairly mixed as relationships develop naturally.

When do Life Groups meet?

The leaders of the Life Group generally decide on the time of meeting as well the venue, but most of our Life Groups meet during the week on either Tuesdays, Wednesdays, Thursdays, or Sunday afternoons depending on what site the group is based from.

What to expect at a Life Group

The details of what happens at a Life Group are decided upon by the leaders of that group. There may be some time of worship, ministry and prayer. There is usually a discussion around the Sunday sermon where we look to discuss and encourage each other on putting Christianity into practice.

How to find a Life Group

At select sites we have a designated area that advertises all the Life Groups in a pamphlet format. Just pick up a pamphlet that interests you and contact the leaders of those groups directly. Otherwise, we also have an info desk at some of our sites where you can get information.

You can also chat to any of the leaders / elders at any of the sites for more information.

Or, contact the church office at info@cornerstonechurch.co.za or 011-616-4073.

Why Life Groups?

For more details on why we have Life Groups, check out our Life Groups study (audio and transcripts) by clicking here.