Jesus Washes us Clean

This past Sunday we continued with our investigating of who Jesus is. The key question was, “Why do we need Jesus?” We have looked at who he is, but now we need to know why we need him in our lives.

We started by looking at the incredible truth Jesus gives in John 14:6 where he says that he is the way and truth and life, and thus the only way to the Father. He is our salvation. He is the only way.

We then looked at how he washed his disciples’ feet and what we can learn from that humble act. One key point that was made was to see how Jesus washes us clean. He removes the dirt of sin in our lives and makes a clean and right before our Father. Our children were reminded of the beautiful Gospel message and how it applies to them. As always there was some time of fun and games to help emphasise the message.

This was a report given by one of our teachers on how part of the morning went:

“What an amazing morning. God definitely spoke to His kids. As our Grade 2’s were colouring in the craft with their feet they were saying how hard it was, how sore it was, and how frustrating it was. BUT they kept on doing it. On and on they went. What a life lesson to learn: serving others and God can be tough like this but to persevere is the way to follow Jesus. Jesus has called us to serve others and serve Him. He knows at times it’s hard, and we don’t do it perfectly, but he encourages us to keep doing it.”

What a great lesson to experience. We hope our children have learned to persevere for Christ despite the difficulties that may come. May we, the parents and teachers, learn the same.

Your Part
Continue to reflect on the gospel with your children. Think of what it means to love and serve others, and to love and serve God. Help them see what Jesus did for us and how we can respond to him. In the busyness of this term we are seeing such fruit come out in our children. Please play a role in helping water such life.

We continue to investigate next week.

The Children’s Church team

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