Junior Youth Camp 2014: A Transforming Time!


By Cindy Hazley

“Do not conform to the patterns of this world, but be transformed by the renewing of your mind”
Romans 12:2.

This was the verse and theme of this year’s Junior Youth Camp (YFC) and this is exactly what God did.

The camp started and ended with rain and more rain but as the rain came down so did God’s Holy Spirit. Worship is always a special time on camp but this year, no matter whether we jumped around like crazy, acted like monkeys, or even stood still, there was such an anointing and a feeling of His presence.

The main focus of the hall sessions and quiet times were how to be transformed. The children learnt that they need to be transformed from the inside out; the importance of being filled with the Holy Spirit; and many other Godly principles through the skits, object lessons and testimonies that were shared.

In children’s ministry there is never a dull moment and activities included teams pushing cars across the sports field, human foosball, pool noodle hockey, circle games and even create-your-own-human-transformer. Of course God knew what the weather would be like over the weekend and looking back we smile as we realise that our “indoor in case it rains” programme was planned even before we started planning the outdoor games. God is so good.

Thank you to all the people who made donations so that so many more children could join us on the camp. Both children and leaders from all the Cornerstone sites joined together for this fabulous weekend away. They came ready to be transformed and with God’s grace they left as transformers!

Check out the photos below:



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