Key Women This Year

Written by Bernie Weeden

Studying the book of Ruth this year in Key Women has reminded us again of the relevance of God’s Word. Women faced hardships then as do many women today. Ruth and Naomi’s situation was changed by their Kinsman-Redeemer, Boaz, and so we too can find our answers by looking to Jesus, our Redeemer.

We have been reminded of the Lord’s faithfulness to His people and His loyal love for His bride.

Key Women meetings have been times of inspiration – many are surprised that it has taken all year to cover the mere four chapters that make up the book of Ruth.

This year, Key Women has also been a time of building friendships and strengthening relationships. I have loved leading the group and been blessed by the many ladies who were excited about teaching the sessions. I am thrilled that they embraced the “space” I made for them with such zeal and enthusiasm. I can honestly say I gleaned as much from their presentations as I did from the few I prepared myself!

Here are a few quotes from the ladies who attended this year and how they enjoyed it:

“Studying the book of Ruth has reminded me once again of how relevant the Bible is to us now – the women faced hardships then as do many women now, but that we can find our answers by looking to our Kinsman-Redeemer just like Ruth did.”

“Didn’t think it would take all year to study 4 chapters! I never knew there was so much in the book of Ruth.”

“Key Women meetings this year have been times of such inspiration, and beautiful opportunities to build friendships with such a variety of stunning women.”

“Ruth is “loyal love. God is faithfully committed to His people even when they are faithless, and it is this grace that transforms us.”

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