Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage Comes to an End

Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage

The Laugh Your Way to a Better Marriage course came to its end last night at Bedfordview and we’ve had a fantastic time with the series living up to its name!

Last night was about staying married without killing your spouse. Some of the main points revolved around forgiveness (always a difficult one!) and how men and women have different ways of encouraging each other or giving credit to each other.

Generally, men tend to think that a big favour or ‘surprise’ earns them more points with their wives, but wives don’t count it that way. Random, regular acts of kindness work better than big, sporadic acts of kindness. Women, in general, don’t like everything to be a surprise – most of the time it’s better to tell them what you’re planning and when. Think about a ‘surprise date’ and how often that doesn’t work! She would have wanted to know so she could get a haircut and so on.

Humourously enough, the bonus about telling your wife about some big date event is that as she tells her friends about it, her friends’ husbands automatically get minus points!

The differences between men and women and the way each of us think has really been a fantastic help throughout this course.  Check out feedback on all the evenings at the links below:

Part One

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Thanks to all those involved in making these special evenings – the food was outstanding and we had a really lovely time.

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