Lesotho: More Leaders Needed

Written by Ryan Strydom

Map of Lesotho

On the weekend of the 11th to the 13th of November, Mark Meeske and a team of seven travelled to Lesotho for ministry – the last trip to Lesotho of the year (several happen in the year). It was fruitful and saw the team meet up with Motheo Makagnia, a man leading a church in Mafeteng. This is a new relationship and it was the first time that we worked together.

The team left the Cornerstone building at 1:30pm on Friday and arrived at Mafeteng at 7:30pm. After having dinner and enjoying each others’ company, the team got to work on the Saturday morning with some door-to-door evangelism. The Gospel was shared with many and people were invited to the Sunday service. Four teams went out, with the Cornerstone team splitting into two groups with an interpreter.

The afternoon saw the team encouraging and teaching local leaders and interpreters. It was a small group. They were encouraged and there was a lot of engagement around building effectively.

The team gelled well and the evening was spent relaxing and getting to know each other better. Sunday morning the team went to two different churches. Tim Potter preached at the one while Mark preached at the other. By all accounts it went well, there were some Gospel responses, and lots of people responded for healing. By 7:30pm on Sunday the team were back in South Africa.

But there are many challenges the church in Mafeteng is facing and these are prayer points to consider:

1) They’re currently trusting God for a piece of land. They’ve earmarked some land already but they need the finance to get it. Currently they meet in tents.

2) There are more leaders needed to do the work of the ministry. We are instructed to pray for more workers (Luke 10:2) so let us do so! They really need it.

3) General finances are always a challenge in Lesotho.
Consider going to the next Lesotho trip in early 2012. Talk to Mark if you’re looking for details or keep an eye (or ear) out on our usual communication channels.

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