Simply put, Life Team is a year-long full-time discipleship program that has been going for more than 20 years. It’s an awesome year packed with opportunities to be an integral and valuable part of a local church, giving you a chance to grow in many areas of life and spirituality. So many amazing people have spent a year of their lives as a part of this team, and of Cornerstone Church, and have really valued that year as an important stage in their walk.

The mission statement of Life Team is: Serve • Grow • Reach Out. We’ve been privileged to see so many people find their call and purpose through spending a year as the Life Team!

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“I’ve loved the fact that Life Team reveals your strengths and gifts that God has given you and how Life Team creates opportunities to grow in those gifts. I’ve also loved that Life Team is open to people all over the world and how I get to become close friends with them. I’ve learnt the importance of teamwork and communication.”

- Claire Loubser

“What I love about Life Team is that you get to know God on so many different levels and you get to see all these different sides of Him. I didn’t know how God had such a unique personality until you’re basically forced to spend so much time with Him. Sometimes you might just need a little push to look a little deeper into who God really is and to get to know Him all over again. Oh and I love the serving.”

- Kimberly Lindenhouvuis

“I loved Life Team because it exposes your own heart, and the heart of God if you look for Him. I think it teaches you that loving other people is a must and that you are capable of anything if you ask God to help you.”

- Chané Botha

“I loved Life Team because it equipped me to be bold in my walk and relationship with God. It not only helped me understand and create a deeper relationship with Him, but it taught me the importance of the Kingdom of God, and how we all need to work in community together for His Kingdom.”

- Gabriela Moreira

“I love Life Team because it gives you an environment where you can grow stronger in your faith. It has taught me how important it is to do everything for God. It comes with challenges, but these challenges have enabled me to work on my own heart and character.”

- Ivan Kahl

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