Mandela Day: Elated to Help the Klopper Guys

by Mpho Ntuli

It was a real privilege helping out the guys from the Klopper Friday Club on Mandela Day and giving their venue some much-needed attention!

We got there in the morning and noted the big job ahead – there were broken windows, cracking paint, dirty and broken light-fittings, dirty curtains, and much more. So we got to work, stripping everything, coating the main hall, sorting out the kitchen and the passages, cleaning the carpets, fixing the windows, taking care of the paint… the list continues.

Throughout the day a number of people stopped by to do their 67 minutes in the spirit of Mandela Day. Some of the guys from hArt (another Ukwakha Isizwe project) also arrived to do their bit. By 3:30pm the change in the building was fantastic. It was really awesome doing this for the Klopper guys and the Life Team were sweaty and tired but elated!

Some photos will be posted tomorrow.

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