Mini Jobi Jol – 2011

Written by Greg Bennett

25 June 2011

It all started on a very, very cold Saturday morning at 9:00am. All of us were freezing but excited for what the day had in store for us. We were all relishing the chance to spend the day in fellowship, praising, worshiping and meeting with the Lord and for some, the amazing chance to experience God’s power and grace for the first time!

Running behind schedule (as always) the youth were herded into the main hall. We kicked off the day with some rather strange and interesting icebreakers, followed by worship from the band Fourteen40 and a message from Brad Klynsmith. The youth didn’t need to be asked twice to get up and start worshipping God! As worship started I could already see and feel the power of God working in us. Within an hour three people were healed. What an amazing way to start the day! We all knew that bigger and better things were to come.

After the powerful worship and message, the day commenced with the youth choosing to go to two sessions based and focused on different topics whether it was practical evangelism, the grace of God or reaching people in school, just to name a few. All the sessions were greatly enjoyed and enlightening to all who attended. Then the fun really started when each church put a soccer team together to compete in a tournament. The soccer was a great chance to meet and get to know the guys from the other church’s. We had a good time even though tempers flared at times. Naturally the referees were on the the receiving end most of the time. In the end all was forgotten and unfortunately, due to my overall lack of skill, Junction’s team didn’t win.

Even though the day was drawing to a close the best was yet to come. We all met in the hall for one last worship session. All of us came with expectant hearts, wanting to meet with God. We were not disappointed. Worship started and we all began dancing, praising and enjoying our time with God. Things just kept getting better and better as God touched every one of us by His Holy Spirit. What started as a worship session turned into a prayer session. Everywhere I looked, I saw God working. What a humbling and powerful sight it was! The power of God became real as some broke out in laughter while others were healed. So many young people met God for the first time and felt His tangible presence. I had personally never experienced something like this especially when my hands were locked stiff, with my palms facing the sky and not being able to move them. I started to feel a power in my palms. Not knowing what has happening, I ran to Charles who prayed for me. He said “God is doing something inside of you and wants you to use your hands so go and do it.” That’s exactly what I did. As I prayed for people some felt the power of God while others started laughing and couldn’t stop. Eventually I had a group of people all around me just laughing hysterically.

I just want to thank God for all of His love, His power and His grace! He did some truly amazing things that night that no one will forget for a long time. God truly revealed His glory to all!

1 Chronicles 16:31 – Let the heavens be glad, and the earth rejoice! Tell all nations, “The Lord reigns!”

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