New Series: Sex Money Power – 28 Oct – 11 Nov

Sex is easier than love.

It’s used as a currency to get us what we want. It’s a whole industry.

What is life about?

Getting stuff. Having power. Being the top dog, the king of the castle, the one who gets what they want.


When God created the earth and the heavens, is that what he intended? That life would be nothing but a constant struggle for power, for stuff? When he created men and women did he intend for sex to really be an industry? To be a tool for manipulation? Did he really mean that we use each other? That human beings are nothing but tools for pleasure?

We’re launching a new series called ‘Sex Money Power’ starting Sunday morning, 28 October. The series will run every Sunday morning until 11 November.

God’s view on love and sex and money and power is completely different to what we’re told everyday about these things on TV, on billboards, in magazines, on the Internet, and in our culture. This series will begin to uncover the freedom God is ready to give us, if we want it.

The American rock band Switchfoot have written a song along similar lines to this series. Here is the song for your listening pleasure. Think about the words – they say a great deal about us as a society and some of God’s views on sex, money and power.

Here are the details:

Sex Money Power
Dates: Sunday mornings 28 October – 11 November
Time: 9:00am
Where: Cornerstone Church Bedfordview, Benard Road East, Bedfordview, Johannesburg
Info: email, see or call 011-616-4073

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