Put Your Family Before Your Career

TITLE:Put Your Family Before Your Career
PREACHER: Louella Humphrey
DATE: 3 AUGUST 2012 – Friday AM

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Finding Your Factor X – Casper Versluis

Friday, 1 June 2012

Casper Versluis is a young businessman in the church. He is a partner in three Wimpy franchises in the Gauteng area. In addition to this he took on the responsibility of leading Cornerstone’s Life Team last year.

This year he returned to the business world and has joined the Exchange team. At the latest Exchange breakfast he shared on “Finding Your Factor X”. He started by telling us that there are two purposes to finding our factor X – God’s glory and extending His Kingdom. Casper then gave us five areas in which we need to take responsibility for our Factor X:

  1. Identifying our gifts and abilities.
  2. Understanding the urgency with which these gifts are to be used.
  3. Recognising the privilege of our gifts and talents.
  4. Using them with excellence.
  5. Knowing that we have and use these by God’s grace alone.

Casper finished off with an encouragement to all that we have gifts and abilities and God is waiting for us to use them for His glory.



Making the Most of Life: Don’t Settle for Money-Rich, Time-Poor

TITLE: Making the Most of Life: Don’t Settle for Money-Rich, Time-Poor
PREACHER: Gregg McAlpine
DATE: 30 March 2012 – Friday AM

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Making the Most of Life: Come Sailing

written by Nick Wienand

The Christian life is one full of adventure when we allow God to use us. That was the message Gregg MacAlpine shared with us on Friday morning. The predominant themes coming out of our time of Prayer & Fasting the week before, were “We’re Going Sailing Again”  and “Roaring Forties, Doldrums and Traded Winds” and Gregg made this applicable to those in the marketplace. As he illustrated, we’re looking to move from “here to there” and not get caught in a life of simply maintaining the status-quo.

This was the first Exchange meeting of 2012 and the turnout was brilliant. It is so great to see so many men and women who want God to use them in their workplaces. As we met before the meeting and connected over a cappuccino , there was an air of excitement and anticipation. There were a number of first-time visitors who were treated to copy of Chippy Brand’s “Branded by Grace.” As Gregg shared the sense of challenge was strong and I believe many were changed as the Holy Spirit ministered. We ended the morning with a delicious breakfast, served by Linda and her team. Thanks to all who were involved.

Gregg concluded with this challenge; “To “Go Sailing” and make the most of this life that God calls you to, to live well, and to live to the full, you require a ticket! A two coupon ticket of FAITH and WORKS. The coupon of works is not good for passage, and the coupon of FAITH is not valid if detached from WORKS!”

We look forward to seeing you at the next Exchange.

P.S. You can download the recording and Gregg’s notes here.


Making the Most of Life: Come Sailing

TITLE: Making the Most of Life: Come Sailing
PREACHER: Gregg McAlpine
DATE: 3 FEBRUARY 2012 – Friday AM

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Eric Tocknell – What is in your hands?

Written by Anton Tjabring

The Exchange had a very encouraging time with Eric Tocknell on Friday 11 November. The challenge he posed is “What is in your hands ?” Moses had many excuses and reasons as to why God could not use him, but God asked him “What is in your hands?” and STILL used him. The challenge we have is not to look for excuses, but to use what is in our hands.

A little bit of delivery room chaos with three people giving their lives to Jesus, car park running out of space and not enough seating at the tables. Despite this the church was encouraged and built up and Jesus glorified. The ladies in the kitchen provided a wonderful warm breakfast as usual.  Thank you to all involved.

Exchange: 7 October – Impacting Those Around Us

Written by Julia Taylor

The Exchange, a forum where business people can be encouraged in the Kingdom and learn how to be more effective in taking the Gospel into the marketplace, takes place every month on the first Friday of the month. This month (which took place on 7 October) saw Llouella Humphrey share and encourage us.

I always look forward to the monthly Exchange meetings, whether there are speakers from within or outside of Cornerstone Church. I always expect to encourage others, to be encouraged and challenged in my way of thinking. The October Exchange did not disappoint.

Llouella said that in order to BE a person of influence you need intimacy with Jesus and allow Him to influence us, as David in the Old Testament did. We are to influence and impact those around us, especially in the marketplace. She quoted Kenneth Meshoe (president of the ACDP): “Always persevere. There are people whose lives are waiting to be effected by what God has placed within you.”

Definitely a word in season, and it was good to be reminded of this again as I write this. It was also a very valuable and meaningful time of fellowship. Thank you to all the organisers!

The next Exchange meets on 4 October at Central Cornerstone. It starts at 6 for 6:30 and ends at 7:30. We usually advertise the event in the notices during our times together or keep your eye / ear on our relevant communication channels.

Chippy Brand at Exchange

written by Anton Tjarbring

Chippy Brand spoke at the Exchange on friday 5 August, and was throughly enjoyed by all. Just a real testimony of how there are tough times and good times in life and yet through it all God is faithful in building our characters so that we can be used more by Him. Chippy used the analogy of road construction, where the different layers need to be prepared and compacted (through trying times) before the top layer can be placed, which is where the road is used, and is what is visible.

I really enjoyed the humourous stories associated with his upbringing, different projects and even testimony of how God looked after them during his farming experiences. Chippy’s testimonies of the business decisions he made based on his faith are great. The practical aspects of setting up a business, choosing staff, making business choices and much more – just could see how those grey hairs were earned.

Get the audio here.

Branded By Grace

TITLE: Branded By Grace
PREACHER: Chippy Brand
DATE: 5 AUGUST 2011 – Friday AM

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The Siege Is Over

TITLE: The Siege Is Over
PREACHER: Anton Tjabring
DATE: 3 JULY 2011 – Sunday AM

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