The Desires of the Flesh

by Casper Versluis
4 March 2016 at The Exchange

Part of the Discipling in the Trenches series.

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The Glory of God Through Us

TITLE: The Glory of God Through Us
PREACHER: Casper Versluis
DATE: 18 AUGUST 2013 – Sunday PM

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Finding Your Factor X – Casper Versluis

Friday, 1 June 2012

Casper Versluis is a young businessman in the church. He is a partner in three Wimpy franchises in the Gauteng area. In addition to this he took on the responsibility of leading Cornerstone’s Life Team last year.

This year he returned to the business world and has joined the Exchange team. At the latest Exchange breakfast he shared on “Finding Your Factor X”. He started by telling us that there are two purposes to finding our factor X – God’s glory and extending His Kingdom. Casper then gave us five areas in which we need to take responsibility for our Factor X:

  1. Identifying our gifts and abilities.
  2. Understanding the urgency with which these gifts are to be used.
  3. Recognising the privilege of our gifts and talents.
  4. Using them with excellence.
  5. Knowing that we have and use these by God’s grace alone.

Casper finished off with an encouragement to all that we have gifts and abilities and God is waiting for us to use them for His glory.