Behold Your King: Belonging

David shares with us how we belong in the Kingdom of God and what the implications of that are. – 02 January 2022

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Find Hope: Psalm 2

David Gadelkarim Shares with us on Psalm 2 and how supreme God is, which is why we hope in Him. – 8 December 2019

The River: Knowing Jesus (Bedfordview AM)

Sunday morning at Bedfordview, 20 August – David Gadelkarim asks: do we really know this God that we say we worship?

Your Heart Not Your Performance

by David Gadelkarim
3 July 2016 at Bedfordview PM

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Preparing For The Groom

by David GadelKarim
23 August 2015 at Bedfordview PM

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Is God Alive In You?

TITLE: Is God Alive In You?
PREACHER: David Gadelkarim
DATE: 25 AUGUST 2013 – Sunday PM

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