Kingdom Finance: Greg Matarelli

Greg shares with us on being financially free and applying Gods word and godly principles to our finances – 11 April 2021

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Financial Freedom

Marcus Herbert speaks on being financially free and doing finances God’s way

Values: Finances – Stewardship

Sunday, 16 September at Bedfordview. Josh Benge talks about stewardship, as part of our “mini-series” on finances in our larger series on Kingdom values.

The Exchange: Shifting Investment and Capital Flow into the Kingdom, with Patrick Kuwana

Patrick Kuwana shares on shifting investment and capital flow into the Kingdom at our Exchange Business Breakfast.

Patrick is the CEO and founder of Crossover Transformation, which focuses on value co-creation through building co-operative platforms of thinking and innovation to enable business, economic growth and acceleration. He has extensive experience working in transformational projects globally, and entrepreneurship in Africa and Asia.

Check out his LinkedIn profile here.

Values: Financial Freedom (Obedience)

Sunday morning, 2 September. Marcus Herbert speaks about the financial freedom behind obedience in tithing as part of our series on Kingdom values.

Values: Financial Freedom

22 July, 2018 at Rosebank. Nathan Gernetzky talks about why (and how) we value financial freedom as a church.

Understanding Finances (Rosebank)

Sunday morning at Rosebank, 27 August – Marcus Herbert looks at Matthew 22:15, finances, and its importance for our context today.

Give to Caesar what is Caesar’s, and to God what is God’s

Sunday morning at Bedfordview, 6 August – Marcus Herbert looks at Matthew 22:15 and its importance for our context today.

Rich Towards God

A biblical, balanced view of money.

Thinking About Being Rich Towards God

by Craig Herbert
10 July 2016 at Bedfordview PM