Key Women: Zelda Cronje – God use Me

Zelda shares with us on cultivating a desire to have relationship with God and to be used by Him – 22 May 2021

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Live in the Spirit the Way God Does

Marcus speaks about living in the Holy Spirit from 1 Peter 4:1-6.

How do we live in the Spirit the way God does?

  • We need to be born again
  • Put on Christ
  • Live for the will of God
  • Be prepared to suffer in the flesh

How do we practically live in the Spirit?

  • Cultivate the fruit of the Spirit
  • Operate in the gifts of the Spirit
  • Be the power witness God commands
  • Keep in step with the Spirit
  • Stay filled with the Spirit


The Present-Continuous Actions of God

Marcus speaks about the Holy Spirit from the book of Acts and how He is working today.

Pentecost Sunday 2020

We celebrate Pentecost together and Marcus unpacks what it means to be filled with the Holy Spirit today.

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Coming Back to Life: He Will Pour His Spirit Out on All People

Marcus continues our exegesis of the book of Joel, looking at Joel 2:28.

Values: Being Led by the Spirit

Sunday morning at Bedfordview, 25 April 2018. Craig Herbert speaks about being led by the Holy Spirit, as part of our series on our values.

Values: Being Led by the Spirit (Rosebank AM)

Sunday morning at Rosebank, 22 April 2018. Marco Broccardo shares a bit on their church planting journey and then speaks about being led by the Spirit. This was Marco’s last preach as a part of Cornerstone Church before he and Catherine and their family head to Austin, Texas to plant.

Values: Our Relationship with the Holy Spirit (Rosebank)

Sunday morning at Bedfordview, 15 April 2018. Nathan Gernetzky preaches on our relationship with the Holy Spirit.

Values: Baptism in the Spirit (Bedfordview PM)

Sunday morning at Bedfordview, 15 April 2018. Shane Rielly preaches on why we value the baptism in the Spirit.