Children’s Church: The Light of the World

This past Sunday we continued with the next ‘I AM’ statement that Jesus made, which is in John 8:12 – “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness but will have the light of life.”

Isn’t it fascinating how fear and evil are associated with darkness? Without someone even telling our children, they learn to fear the dark and what it can represent or contain. How encouraging it is then to hear Jesus announce that he is the Light of the world, and that in him, we will never be in darkness.

Our Part
We explained what Jesus meant by saying that he is the light. No, he doesn’t mean that he is a torch, or a solar charged lantern. Light is the source of life. We need light to live. Plants need light to grow. Light reveals truth. It does not allow something to hide. When there is light, we feel capable of doing things. So the same applies to Jesus. He gives life to us and he reveals all truth. He is our only source of life. We all need to know how much we need Jesus.

We also explained how we can be stuck in darkness. Our sins can leave us in darkness. Distance from Jesus makes us feel like we are in darkness without much hope. But the joy of the Gospel is that Jesus brings light into our life, he removes the darkness (sin) and he gives us life.

We had fun exploring this using glow in the dark paint, solar jars and items hidden in dark boxes.

Your Part
You can continue exploring this I AM statement with your children. Use solar lights or teach them about plants needing the sun. Remind your children when they may be feeling down or discouraged that Jesus is our light and if we come to him, we feel life.

We have a Lesotho Big Weekend coming up in September. Please pray with your children for this time.

We are looking forward to the next ‘I AM’ statement from Jesus.

The Children’s Church team

I AM: Knowing Jesus at Children’s Church

This past weekend we began the third term of 2017. This term we are looking at the ‘I AM’ statements made by Jesus as seen in the Gospels. As a church, we really desire to magnify Jesus and make much of Him in our lives. We are so excited to get to point to Jesus and get to know Him better in the coming ten weeks.

Our Part
This Sunday we began by explaining what “I AM” means. Our children found it fascinating that God would speak to Moses through a burning bush (that did not burn up). We read in that engagement how God reveals to Moses that Moses must say, “I AM has sent me”. It is here we first read of the title ‘I AM’. Exodus 3:14-15 says “I AM who I AM… This is my name forever”. This name speaks of God’s sovereignty; His eternal existence; His many characteristics and abilities. He is our all-powerful God.

Over the next few weeks, we will learn how Jesus reveals his divinity by teaching us who he is through his ‘I AM’ statements.

Your Part
As we said, we want to fix our eyes on Jesus and draw nearer to him. We want to see who He wants to be to us and how we should respond to Him. Please feel free to download the curriculum and spend each week revealing more of Jesus to your children.

We feel so convicted by our children’s education, their health, their future security, their choices, their abilities etc. We need to sense the greatest gift we can impart to our children and that is teaching about Jesus and praying they fall in love with him.

– The Children’s Church team

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