Prophecy from Leo Nicotra (26 May 2019)

We were blessed to have Leo and Christine Nicotra with us for our Kaleidoscope Women’s Conference  and for Sunday, 26 May 2019. Leo and Christine are from Glorious Gospel Church in Sydney, Australia and serve on the NCMI team. Leo gave us a word from the Lord on the Sunday morning that we believe was very much on point with many other things God has been saying to us. Below is a transcription of the prophecy. You can download his preach that morning, and the prophecy, over here.

“I just want to encourage you, this is an amazing church and God has His hand here on this church and on this amazing family. I believe that God is raising up an army and you are His army. A beautiful, creative, multi-cultural mix – and it’s God’s army!

“Two days ago, we were praying for our Kaleidoscope time and our time to speak into the life of this church. I don’t see visions a lot, but my eyes were closed, and I could see very, very clearly a building exactly like this one. The building was a church building and I’m pretty sure it was this building and I could see water and, as large as the building is, I could see water as large on top of the building, on the roof; and it was white-wash, like waves, almost bubbling and bubbling. And it felt like it’s going to overflow like a champagne bottle when the bottle is broken and it was bubbling and the white-wash waves were as big as the whole building, on top of the building, and it felt like it wanted to get out.

“And so, God is doing something. He is stirring, and He is obviously busy with the ‘call to action’, the series you have been busy with this whole year. I suppose God is saying the direction the water is going to go is out, to bless this city, to bless this nation and the nations of the world.

“I honour this church. It has a lot of history, and as we are praying, with Marcus and Adele leading for the past 20 years, and history even before that, I still feel very, very strongly that your future is far greater than your past. Church plants will be way more than you planted in the past.

“I don’t say that lightly. I just feel that as you guys have taken a hold of the Lord, that you focus and stay in tune with Him, as a church, as a family, then obviously in these last days it’s going to be far greater than what God has done in the past.

“So, you will be tempted to maintain and get comfortable, but that’s why you have been called to action!”

The Value of God in My Life

Leo Nicotra, from Glorious Gospel Church in Australia and from the NCMI team, speaks about the value of God in our lives.

You can also download the prophetic word from Leo that morning here.

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