Great Time in Tanzania

Written by Ryan Strydom

Marcus and Craig recently returned from the Tanzania EQUIP time which was very well attended with over 200 leaders from 75 relating churches, some from as far away as Kigoma (the EQUIP time was in Mikumi which is in Central Tanzania whereas Kigoma is in the far western regions).

It was a fruitful time and saw new relationships begin to form. The guys were able to begin connecting with a Maasai pastor who ministers to several churches in the central Tanzanian area and is looking for closer relationship, being quite keen for us to do training in his churches.

Two couples and a single fellow were released onto the East African trans-local NCMI team during the EQUIP time as well.

Some of the ministry highlights include Keir Taylor’s training where he picked up on evangelism and spiritual giftings, while Emanualle Nazzi (a pastor we work with from Tuscany, Italy) ministered excellently on heart issues. There was also some discourse around how churches relate to trans-local teams which was very enlightening for the local guys and quite effective.

After the EQUIP time Marcus and Craig went to Dar es Salaam (Pugu Hills) to join with Martin Ubwe who was facilitating outreach meetings. Martin is a pastor of a church there and is also on Team. It’s a very strong Muslim influenced area so there weren’t many visitors but there were lots of healings, which was encouraging. The major part of the ministry there was focused on boosting the local church (Martin’s church) and it was effective in doing that.

It was a great time of encouraging and strengthening our brothers and sisters in Tanzania! And the food was great!