Marco Broccardo – Fathers Day

Marco, who leads Hope Rock Church in Austin Texas, Shares with us on the pursuit of God for us and the heart of The Father. – 20 June 2021

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Values: Being Led by the Spirit (Rosebank AM)

Sunday morning at Rosebank, 22 April 2018. Marco Broccardo shares a bit on their church planting journey and then speaks about being led by the Spirit. This was Marco’s last preach as a part of Cornerstone Church before he and Catherine and their family head to Austin, Texas to plant.

Ephesians: New Life in Christ, pt 2 (Rosebank)

Sunday morning at Rosebank, 17 December 2017. Marco Broccardo continues the second part of our Ephesians series.

Ephesians: New Life in Christ, pt 1 (Rosebank)

Sunday morning at Rosebank, 10 December 2017. Marco Broccardo introduces our series for December, 2017 – a study on the book of Ephesians.

Walking Contradictions (Rosebank)

Sunday morning at Rosebank, 5 November 2017 – Marco Broccardo looks at five people of faith mentioned in Hebrews 11 who, like many of us, can feel like walking contradictions. But God uses people just like us to accomplish great things throughout history.

The Five Solas: Soli Deo Gloria (Rosebank)

Sunday morning at Rosebank, 22 October 2017 – Marco Broccardo looks at “Soli Deo Gloria” – Glory to God Alone – in our Five Solas series.

This year October marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation – a moment in history that completely changed the world. It was the moment when five truths of the gospel were rediscovered. These truths, which we call the “Five Solas” of the Reformation (“Sola” is latin for “only”), led to major social upheaval, cultural change, and birthed revival across Europe.

We find out why in this series.

The River: The Reach of the Gospel (Rosebank)

Sunday morning at Rosebank, 20 August – Nathan Gernetzky and Marco Broccardo share on the reach of the gospel, as part of our “River” series.

Confession Is A Community’s Freedom (Rosebank)

Sunday morning, 16 July –  Marco Broccardo shares on “Confession Is A Community’s Freedom”

The River: Unity in the Gospel Pt 2 (Rosebank)

Marco Broccardo continues to speak on how the gospel breaks down all barriers: racial, economical, cultural, and so on, in light of our series on Ezekiel 47 (“The River”).

14 May 2017 at Rosebank.

From Gutter Depths To Mountain Heights

TITLE: From Gutter Depths To Mountain Heights
PREACHER: Marco Broccardo
DATE: 20 NOVEMBER 2011 – Sunday PM

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