The Gospel of the Kingdom – Paul’s Ministry: Paul Proclaims the gospel

We’re excited as we meet again across Johannesburg! Here is our broadcast from this Sunday morning as Marcus continues our Gospel of the Kingdom series and talks about how Paul proclaims the gospel.


Gospel Of The Kingdom: His Call

Marcus shares with us around Gods call on our lives


The Gospel of the Kingdom: Chosen Unto a Purpose

Marcus looks at the like of Paul as a springboard to show us how we are all called to a purpose in God.


The Gospel of the Kingdom: The Power of Conversion

Marcus continues to look at the power of conversion and encourages us to see the miracle of our own.


Coming Back to Life: God Answering Prayer

Marcus looks at God answering prayer in the book of Joel and how that applies to today’s context.


Coming Back to Life: Presume on the Love of God

Marcus encourages us to presume on the love of God.

You can stream the video or download the audio below.


Coming Back to Life: Rend Your Hearts, Not Your Garments

During the lockdown, Marcus Herbert continues to share from the book of Joel, sh0wing how it is relevant to our time and focusing on Joel 2: “Rend your hearts, and not your garments.”

You can download the audio (just the message) or watch the stream (includes worship).


Coming Back to Life: Marcus Herbert – LIVE STREAM

Marcus Hebert preaches about our response to fear and how we can continue to seek God and revival in this time – 22 February 2020

This message is available for audio download, alternatively you can watch the message on our Youtube channel.


Coming Back to Life: Marcus Herbert

Marcus preaches on Joel 1 and teaches about the redemptive nature of God and shows how we can repent and change our direction. – 8 March 2020