Wanting to Respond to the Call

IMG_5840 by Ryan Peter

We had a hugely encouraging time with Hennie Keyter and his motley crew on Sunday night as they shared with us their stories, struggles, and joys of living out the apostolic call of God. I couldn’t help coming away and feeling that, even if I’m not as tough as Hennie, God has a plan and purpose for us all and, perhaps, I just need to “get over myself” and go for it.

Hennie launched his book His Call, My All at the event. Janet Batchelor has been reading the book and here’s what she thinks:

“His Call, My All” has inspired me about God’s call for our lives in a very big way. As you read it you start saying to yourself, “I want to have a heart like that.” Hennie reflects on many things in this book – and you get to know him, find out more of his background, and how he met Rita and led his family – but one thing that comes up again and again is God’s goodness and that if you trust God, He comes through.  Through all the stories Hennie relates in this book – and it’s been a gripping read – you see the Lord honour Hennie’s determination for the apostolic call in the most amazing situations. Doors open as a result and the Gospel can spread further. I know that anyone who reads this book will, at the end, want to go fulfil God’s purposes for them.

Responding to the Call

TITLE: Responding to the Call
PREACHER: Q&A with Hennie Keyter
DATE: 23 FEBRUARY 2014 – Sunday PM

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Gifts of the Spirit on Mission

TITLE: Gifts of the Spirit on Mission
PREACHER: Waldo Kruger
DATE: 16 FEBRUARY 2014 – Sunday PM

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TITLE: Bulls-Eye
PREACHER: Marcus Herbert
DATE: 21 JANUARY 2014 – Sunday AM

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Get Out of Your Box

TITLE: Get Out of Your Box
PREACHER: Hennie Keyter
DATE: 22 DECEMBER 2013 – Sunday AM

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Taking Bibles to Sudan

by Ryan Peter

Hennie Keyter is heading off to Sudan in March (11 March – 16 April) – a six week trip that promises to open up a whole new aspect of the Kingdom to those who go along. In short, this is the kind of trip where you’ll see God work in truly miraculous ways. It’s also the kind of trip where you might really die for the Gospel. Here, persecution really means persecution – not just a bad word thrown out in your general direction.

I sat down with Hennie over a cup of Fresh Ground coffee, looking to probe his heart and mind on why, and how, he does what he does. Very soon he gets very serious and, in his rather customary way, begins to relate some of his experiences.

“You don’t come to Sudan to do a bit of ministry and stay afterwards for a holiday,” he says. “You can’t come on this trip with a bunch of romantic ideals in your head. If you think the Dakar Rally is hard, think again.”

Already I feel as if I’m nowhere near tough enough for this sort of thing. In earnest I ask Hennie what someone like me can do about that.

“If you don’t feel tough enough, you’re probably not,” he says. “You’ve got to come if God calls you to this. You don’t come because you feel guilty. If God calls you, then you must come.”

Something about that appeals to me as a man – the roughness of it. The stark reality. The fact that I would be walking in the footsteps of the Apostles from the Scriptures. This is living out what Jesus taught in Luke 9, to “Take nothing for the journey—no staff, no bag, no bread, no money, no extra shirt.” You just go because you must. Because people are dying without God.

Sixteen days of solid travel, coupled with the knowledge that the base from which Hennie is working from is often ransacked, the fact that your life will probably be in danger, and that you’re going to spend every day in scorching heat in a malaria infested zone. Welcome to Sudan.

Hennie has been working into the country for twelve years. When he first arrived in one area in Sudan he had no idea of the difficulties he would encounter. He discovered that the only form of the Gospel the area had received was from a man called Archibald (possibly Archibald Shaw). That was about 100 years ago in the early 1900’s. No one else had come since then.

“They were offering a white bull to make atonement for their sin,” Hennie says, relating how the form of the Gospel they received had become so distorted. “When we brought them the whole Gospel we made a huge impact. So much so that many Church leaders in Sudan heard of it. And they wanted to kill us.”

And this from Church leaders, of all. It really sounds like something straight out of the Bible. Hearing that, I realise just how few of us really go. It took 100 years for someone to go to the same area! Surely this is the kind of work God greatly rewards. Those that go live up to the scripture of not loving their lives even unto death (Rev 12:11).


Because of the price on Hennie’s head, the President got involved to protect him and his team. This meant that for several years Hennie would go with the military wherever he went with the Gospel. It’s how NCMI got registered in Sudan (and other churches, who had a price on Hennie’s head, got de-registered).

With the change of government in Sudan, Hennie no longer travels with the military. He now has relationships with various pastors in the area who he works with.

“If the world is not your parish then your parish will become the world,” says Hennie. “David Bosch said ‘there is a Church because there is a mission’. The Great Commission is why we’re here.”

As with most of Hennie’s trips into Sudan, this trip will mainly be about getting Bibles to the communities he works with. Last year, 30,000 Bibles were brought in by Hennie and his team. He will be taking two vehicles into the country, which has come at a cost (the diesel alone is in the hundreds of thousands) – and the printing of the Bibles also has a cost.

“But God has provided for the needs of this trip and will continue to provide,” he says. “When you make the decision to go, that’s when you see Him provide.”

Feel called to go?

I ask Hennie what we must do if we want to go along with him.

“First, make sure God is calling you to it. Then make sure your passport is sorted. The day after they get saved, a Christian should sort out their passport,” he says.

It’s also a malaria zone, of course, and Hennie says he and his team will sort all that out for you. There is also a cost which will be decided upon relative to the cost of the trip.

For more details contact the church office at 011-616-4073 or email You can also chat to any of the elders who will put you in contact with Hennie.

Hennie was at EQUIP and was interviewed by Marcus in one of the sessions. Read that interview here or download the mp3.

Mandela Day: Elated to Help the Klopper Guys

by Mpho Ntuli

It was a real privilege helping out the guys from the Klopper Friday Club on Mandela Day and giving their venue some much-needed attention!

We got there in the morning and noted the big job ahead – there were broken windows, cracking paint, dirty and broken light-fittings, dirty curtains, and much more. So we got to work, stripping everything, coating the main hall, sorting out the kitchen and the passages, cleaning the carpets, fixing the windows, taking care of the paint… the list continues.

Throughout the day a number of people stopped by to do their 67 minutes in the spirit of Mandela Day. Some of the guys from hArt (another Ukwakha Isizwe project) also arrived to do their bit. By 3:30pm the change in the building was fantastic. It was really awesome doing this for the Klopper guys and the Life Team were sweaty and tired but elated!

Some photos will be posted tomorrow.

A Trip to Upington

Written by Justine Engelbrecht


Marcus, Adele, Shane, Casper and the Life Team left for Upington on Wednesday the 16th to encourage Terry and Wendy Archibald’s church plant there. They arrived in time to join Terry and Wendy’s worship and bible study. The team was incredibly encouraged by how intense and earnest the group was, albeit a small one, and they enjoyed a profound worship time together.

Their visit to Upington allowed them to build relationships, share experiences and connect with the local youth, enabling them to enjoy an incredible time of team bonding. They were grateful for the opportunity to lead the Friday Youth where they shared their experiences and understanding, from which they received wonderful feedback.

On Sunday Marcus did the service and he spoke on the character of Peter and how he allowed Jesus to shape and mould him. He encourages us all to take a leaf out of Peter’s book and not to take offence. This was an incredibly inspirational time away which will remain as motivation for the group.

Lesotho: More Leaders Needed

Written by Ryan Strydom

Map of Lesotho

On the weekend of the 11th to the 13th of November, Mark Meeske and a team of seven travelled to Lesotho for ministry – the last trip to Lesotho of the year (several happen in the year). It was fruitful and saw the team meet up with Motheo Makagnia, a man leading a church in Mafeteng. This is a new relationship and it was the first time that we worked together.

The team left the Cornerstone building at 1:30pm on Friday and arrived at Mafeteng at 7:30pm. After having dinner and enjoying each others’ company, the team got to work on the Saturday morning with some door-to-door evangelism. The Gospel was shared with many and people were invited to the Sunday service. Four teams went out, with the Cornerstone team splitting into two groups with an interpreter.

The afternoon saw the team encouraging and teaching local leaders and interpreters. It was a small group. They were encouraged and there was a lot of engagement around building effectively.

The team gelled well and the evening was spent relaxing and getting to know each other better. Sunday morning the team went to two different churches. Tim Potter preached at the one while Mark preached at the other. By all accounts it went well, there were some Gospel responses, and lots of people responded for healing. By 7:30pm on Sunday the team were back in South Africa.

But there are many challenges the church in Mafeteng is facing and these are prayer points to consider:

1) They’re currently trusting God for a piece of land. They’ve earmarked some land already but they need the finance to get it. Currently they meet in tents.

2) There are more leaders needed to do the work of the ministry. We are instructed to pray for more workers (Luke 10:2) so let us do so! They really need it.

3) General finances are always a challenge in Lesotho.
Consider going to the next Lesotho trip in early 2012. Talk to Mark if you’re looking for details or keep an eye (or ear) out on our usual communication channels.

The Church in Ethiopia: Advancing the Kingdom

Written by Waldo Kruger
The Semien Mountains in Ethiopia

The Semien Mountains in Ethiopia

On Wednesday the 2nd of November, Oom Hennie and I flew out to Addis Ababa in Ethiopia to spend some time with two churches. Our first stop, however, was a town called Debre Zeit.

Here we spent two solid days teaching leaders from the area. We then went back to Addis for another two days of teaching.

It was great connecting with the leaders of the two churches and we were very encouraged in how well they are doing. They are really paying the price for the Gospel and are taking the call to the nations seriously. The leaders there were really appreciative of Hennie’s input and we could see that they soaked it all up.

All in all it was a great trip and we bring back a report that the church in Ethiopia is advancing the Kingdom.