Romans 8 (Rosebank)

Sunday morning at Rosebank, 12 November 2017. Nathan Gernetzky shares on “The five greatest questions” Part 1 – Romans 8:31-38.

Five Solas: Sola Gratia (Rosebank)

Sunday morning at Rosebank, 29 October 2017 – Nathan Gernetzky looks at “Sola Gratia” – Grace Alone – in our Five Solas series.

This year October marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation – a moment in history that completely changed the world. It was the moment when five truths of the gospel were rediscovered. These truths, which we call the “Five Solas” of the Reformation (“Sola” is latin for “only”), led to major social upheaval, cultural change, and birthed revival across Europe.

We find out why in this series.

The River: The Power of the Gospel pt 1 (Rosebank)

Sunday morning at Rosebank, 6 July – Nathan Gernetzky shares on the power of the gospel, as part of our “River” series.

Apologies for the poor audio quality. This was due to a power failure.

Prayer Is Community Privilege: Part 2 (Rosebank)

Sunday morning, 2 July –   Nathan Gernetzky shares part 2 of “Prayer Is Community Privilege”

Prayer Is Community Privilege (Rosebank)

Sunday morning, 2 July –   Nathan Gernetzky shares with us

Growing In A Local Church

By Marco Broccardo
01 March 2015 at Rosebank Am

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