The Five Solas: Sola Scriptura (Bedfordview PM)

Sunday evening at Bedfordview, 1 October 2017 – Shane Rielly kicks off our Five Solas series at Bedfordview.

This year October marks the 500th anniversary of the Reformation – a moment in history that completely changed the world. It was the moment when five truths of the gospel were rediscovered. These truths, which we call the “Five Solas” of the Reformation (“Sola” is latin for “only”), led to major social upheaval, cultural change, and birthed revival across Europe.

Read more about this series here.

The Power of the Gospel (Bedfordview PM)

Sunday evening at Bedfordview, 20 August – Shane Rielly shares on the power of the Gospel.

1 Peter 4: The End Is At Hand – Pt2

Sunday night 9 July – Shane Rielly continues with the series  “1 Peter 4: The End Is At Hand”

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The River: Surrender (Bedfordview PM)

Sunday evening, 18 June – Shane Rielly continues our “River” series and speaks about Surrender.

Our Working Relationship with the Holy Spirit (Bedfordview PM)

Sunday morning, 11 June – Shane Rielly continues our “River” series and speaks about our working relationship with the Holy Spirit.

The River: Unity in the Gospel (Bedfordview PM)

Shane Rielly speaks about how the Gospel breaks down barriers, as part of our “River” series.

30 April 2017 at Bedfordview PM.

The River: The Holy Spirit pt 3 – Bedfordview PM

Shane Rielly continues to talk about the Holy Spirit in our “River” series.

26 March 2017 at Bedfordview PM.

The River: Kingdom Culture pt 1 – Bedfordview PM

Within our “River” series, Shane Rielly begins to talk about “Kingdom Culture” – the need for the Holy Spirit and the community that follows.

19 February 2017 at Bedfordview AM.

The River Pt 4: Evidence of the River in the Gospels – Bedfordview PM

Shane Rielly talks about how we can recognise the life of God flowing by looking at the Gospels and our own lives.

12 February 2017 at Bedfordview PM.

Bear Much Fruit: Characters of the Bible – Stephen

As a spin-off of our Bear Much Fruit series, we’re looking at characters in the Bible who did bear good fruit for God. In this part, Shane Rielly looks at Stephen from the book of Acts.

18 December 2016 at Bedfordview AM.